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C. Dean Johnson

About Dean Johnson

Known throughout the Tri-Cities and Southwest, VA as the go to guy for retirement planning, Dean Johnson, CFP (R)  takes the time to carefully learn of his client's hopes, dreams and needs then develops a strategy that facilitates the meeting of their retirement income goals.

As one of the first individuals in our area to obtain his CFP(R) (Certified Financial Planner designation, 1990), Dean has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry.  He recognizes the need for specialized and unique services for investors at the time of retirement.  Insightful and experienced,  Dean brings a tremendous amount of value to his clients.  He's seen the successful and the unsuccessful , the good, bad and ugly this industry has to offer and wants to be sure his clients don't fall into those traps.  There is a thread that weaves itself through the decisions those who are able to retire successfully have made and we want to make sure our clients are on the right path!

Dean knows many close to retirement are not sure if and when retirement will become truly affordable, without the fear of running out of money years down the road.  Current retirees, regardless of their age, might also wonder if it's too late for positive changes to be implemented with themselves.  As a member of the Dave Ramsey SmartVestor program, Dean focuses on helping clients find solutions to these potential retirement issues.

Keeping score was a fixture for every game you played as a child.  We don't believe anything has changed as adults.  Having a written personalized retirement plan to follow, greatly enhances our client's path to security and a comfortable retirement lifestyle.  It's a way for our clients to keep score so we can tell if they are on the right path to achieve their retirement goals.  Isn't this what you want?

In his free time Dean spends time with his wife Connie, kids Jarrod and Courtney and 4 grandkids.  He is active in his church and participates in a ministry called Living Free which mentors released prisoners.  He also enjoys tennis and golf.